Reservations & Profiles Import

We offer data imports for reservations and guest, and company profiles. Each data import is done following a specific process where we need to receive the details in our data import template to ensure the data is in the correct format and we receive at least the minimum required details. Our team will review the submitted file to ensure the minimum requirements are met. We will then run a test import to your elina training system which needs to be reviewed by our team and yourself to ensure the data imported is correct. Once we receive confirmation for this we will run the import to your live elina system. 

Please note that it may take up to two weeks to import the data for you (from receipt of the completed excel document).

The team will let you know when the import to your training site has been done and ask you to cross check a representative number of reservation and let us know if all looks fine or if you see some issues. After you confirmed you are happy with the result of this test import we will get the live import done as soon as possible. 

To help you getting the needed data into our import sheet in the correct format please see our tips below:

  • Hover over column headers with red corners to see useful comments. These will explain whether the field is required or optional and/or requires the data to be entered in a particular format.
  • Some of the columns use data validation to ensure the provided details are entered in the correct format, e.g. email addresses are provided in the email column.
  • Observe the additional tabs in the sheet at the bottom of the page. These will give some guidance on the available values for some of the columns, e.g. Gender tab. Some of the tabs can be used as a mapping table to help you, e.g. Area – Type – Property IDs tab.
  • Please list all booking sources you are using in the Booking Sources tab so we can make sure to add these to the system before the import.
  • When sending the completed file to us please confirm the VAT rate and currency to be used for the import.
  • Contact the Elina Concierge team if you are in any doubt about the required data and its format before you start transferring it into the document.
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