elina Set Up

From the go-live checklist and process, to helpful documents, how to import your data and tips - this is the must read area for new customers.

Onboarding and Setup Form

Want to get started now? Complete our onboarding and setup form which we will use to install and configure your system. If you have any questions, feel free to 'Save' the form and ask your onboarding contact

Data Import

We offer an option for you to supply us with data to import into elina as you migrate from your previous system to elina, or indeed from a manual way of working (using Excel for example)

Go-Live Process

Step by Step process ongoing live in elina.

Go-Live Checklist

Once your system has been set up and you have been given access to it, there are a few tasks for you to work through in order to get elina "ready for selling".

Daily User Tips

The list of to-dos is a recommendation and has been separated into morning and afternoon activities. This will, of course, depend on your internal setup i.e. whether you operate office days or early and late shifts (e.g. hotel reception).

Set up a default invoice rule & VAT levels

How to set up your system default invoicing rule & VAT levels for your elina system. This option is permission driven and only available for users with Super User permissions