Elina 7 - Channel Management

Elina 7 Channel Management & Distribution

Elina is evolving into elina 7. A new step change will bring you leading channel management, retaining functions and features we have had since inception, and bringing true ease of use, making everything faster and more convenient. Plus, some feature improvements!

The roll out is happening now and if you are already subscribed to channel management with elina, then we will be organizing this significant improvement for you and our team will be in touch. If you are using a 3rd party channel manager, then you will be able to continue to use their service.


Elina 7.0 Cutting Edge Channel Management
  • Fast to set up
  • Manage channel management fully within elina. There is no need to go to a 3rd party system
  • New user interface screens designed to make managing channels and distribution easy
  • Faster channel mapping. Map end-to-end in fewer clicks
  • A new channels menu to help you see and choose OTAs and GDS
  • Real-time visibility on channel connections and mapping
  • Content push to create or update listings on OTAs / channels that support this
  • Auto imports of adults and children to reservation
  • Channel specific improvements, for example the possibility to report invalid card details (Booking.com)
Coming Soon After
  • OTA inbox for channels, you can read and reply to messages in elina, which will go back to the channel. This will be for channels that support it, for example Booking.com and AirBnB
  • Cut off times for bookings to allow day and time, ie stop sell on 0 days at 20:00
  • Stop sell on individual channels that support it through APIs
Elina Will Still Support
  • Consecutive availability (on/off)
  • Displaced bookings reduce inventory on channels (on/off)
  • Charging cards that are connected to a booking (settings)
  • Cut off times in days (settings)
  • Rolling booking window (settings)
  • Special requests sync in on bookings as a note (standard)
  • Siteminder integration and use of channel manager
  • Cubillis integration and use of channel manager.
Questions That You May Have
Q) We are using STAAH now and we have occasionally have outages, or issues with syncing or pushing. Will this change that and why?
A) This new technology is more efficient in the way it works, which will see much improved performance.
Q) Does elina connect directly to the channels now?
A) Yes through APIs.
Q) Will this cost more?
A) The price for channel management will stay the same, so you will get better software for the same cost.
Q) Is there a set up charge for this?
A) No, we will handle the migration with you and there is no charge.
Q) Is there a contract for this?
A) If channel management is already included in your contract, then you are already signed up. If you have a separate agreement, then we will contact you.
Q) How long do I have before I have to implement this?
A) The roll out is happening in a window from March. If you are STAAH you will migrated. If you are using Siteminder or Cubillis, you can continue to use them or reach out to us to switch.
Contact our team on elinacares@elinapms.com with any other questions you have or by using the form in explore in your elina system.