Go-Live Process

Tick Formalities

Has your elina service agreement been signed? Please expect a setup fee invoice from our accounts team. As soon as your payment has been received we can start your onboarding.

Tick Onboarding documents

We will send you an email entitled “Welcome to elina – let’s get you set up “ with links to your onboarding documents, which need to be completed and returned to us. Want to get started now? You can download them here.

Tick Installation

Upon receipt of your documents, we will schedule the setup and configuration of your elina platform. Your elina Property Management Platform is set up and ready for action!

Tick Training Options

The next steps will depend on which training type you have opted for:

  • Remote screen share training – we will be in touch with some date and time options for your first couple of sessions, each of which will be roughly 2 hours long. Screen share training can be conducted using Skype, Google Hangouts, join.me or phone and we will run with your preference.
  • Onsite/in-person training and consultation – this requires some planning. We’ll discuss options as well as dates and times with you.

Tick operational

You are now operational and have everything you need to start populating elina with the information it needs for you to start selling your accommodations. This includes rates & dynamic rules, marketing descriptions and images etc... Check out the Go-Live Task Check-List.

Tick Data Transfer and Integration Setup

We recommend transferring your future reservations into Elina manually as this gives your team the best practice possible.

  • Automated reservations import – this is an option for large customers with hundreds or thousands of future reservations or customers who are unable to dedicate the required resources in order to transfer data. You may have opted for this as part of your elina contract, in which case we will be in touch to request the necessary information from you. If you did not opt for this earlier on and are interested to do so now please click here for more details.  
  • Integrations Setup – depending on which integrations you have opted for (channel manager, payment gateway, accounting, POS or other) we may already have gotten in touch with you in order to get more information, or to ask you to contact the relevant 3rd parties to get the integration process started.

Tick final checklist

  • Data Transfer Complete? – Congratulations, you are almost fully on-boarded.
  • Integrations Activated? – Great, more automation to save you time and money.

Tick Congratulations! You are fully onboard!


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