Applies to version 5.1

Go-Live Checklist


Once your system has been set up and you have been given access to it, there are a few tasks for you to work through in order to get elina "ready for selling". 

Completing these tasks is necessary so that we can start connecting you to the channel manager/channels and so that your elina booking engine can go live on your website. 

Property Set up

Check your property set up to ensure that all of your accommodation areas, types and units are present and correct. For any "structural" changes i.e adding/removing/moving of records please reach out to your elina on-boarding contact. 

Tip: reviewing this information in the Availability Calendar is helpful as it is a visual representation of your properties and allows you to easily spot any missing properties etc. Alternatively, go to Marketing -> Property Content -> View Accommodations.


Enter your "best available" rate for each property type.

Entering Rates & Restrictions


  • Without rates, you will not be able to make reservations
  • elina pricing is inclusive of VAT 
  • Decide how many sleepers your base rate includes and then manage pricing increases/decreases using dynamic rules
  • If you would like to enter past reservations into elina you must back-date your rates as far back as the oldest reservation you would like to enter. Please also inform your elina on-boarding contact so they can make your properties available for the past.
Market Status

Please update the status of any properties that are not sellable for specific date ranges due to maintenance being carried out or other reasons e.g. being off the market due to operational reasons or on request of an owner.

Updating market status

Marketing Content

If you are planning to integrate the elina booking engine into your website:

  • Update marketing titles
  • Add long and short descriptions
  • Select amenities
  • Upload marketing images
  • Set up a Google API key, share this with us and then add GEO locations.

Marketing Content

Invoice Departments

Invoice departments are the "buckets" for your financial reports in elina.

They are linked to add-ons and manual invoices and allow you to report on your invoiced turnover by product and services areas of your business.

The following invoice departments are installed in elina by default (and should be kept as they are):

  • Booking
  • F&B Recharge
  • Rental Credit to Owners
  • Receipt of funds - guests (inactive)

Ideas for useful additional departments are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Damages
  • Cancellation Fees
  • No Show Fees

Creating Invoice Departments

Product & Services Categories

P&S categories are useful for operational reporting and to do lists.

The following categories are installed in elina by default (and should be kept as they are):

  • Food & Beverage
  • Housekeeping

If you sell add-ons that do not relate to one of the above please add new categories e.g. "Transport", "Concierge Services" etc. 

Creating a Product & Services Category

Products & Services

Now that you have made sure that your list of invoice departments and product & service categories makes sense for your set up you can go ahead and create your add-ons.

Consider which add-ons should be offered online in the elina booking engine and which may only be available through your back-office and use the settings "Guest" and "Staff" accordingly. 

Creating an add-on

User Profiles

As part of your system set-up, the elina team will have created your super users already. These are those team members who are on point for getting elina ready for selling.

Any additional user profiles should be created by you.

Creating User Profiles


Create any company or travel agent profiles for which you have future reservations.

This will make the transfer of these reservations more efficient and also ensure that any profile specific invoice rules fire when you enter these reservations.

Creating a company or travel agent profile

Remember: this task is only relevant if the elina team is not already scheduled to import your data for you through a script i.e. only if you have decided to enter your reservations and profiles manually. 

Create fees

elina pricing is generally inclusive of VAT (sales tax). If you charge additional fees on reservations e.g. a tourist or city tax, final cleaning, sales tax (USA) etc. please set up fee rule(s) for these.

Creating booking related fees

Enter Reservations

Providing that you have taken care of steps 1, 2 and 3 you can go ahead and enter your future (and if desired past) reservations now. Optionally, it may make sense for you to complete steps 7 and 9 also before you go ahead with this.

Create guest and company/agent reservations 

Remember: this task is only relevant if the elina team is not already scheduled to import your data for you through a script i.e. only if you have decided to enter your reservations and profiles manually. 

When you have populated your future reservations please let your elina on-boarding manager know who will:

  1. Inform the concierge team so they can guide you through connecting your OTAs
  2. Enable your account activation (guest and owners lounge) and email confirmation templates