Payment Gateways


A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for your business. It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in your office or at your reception.

What are the benefits of connecting Elina with a payment gateway?

  • Your guest's credit card is immediately verified against the cardholders name, address, card number and CV2 code. For direct online bookings (where your guests enter their own card information while making their reservation in your Elina booking engine) some gateways offer the additional option to activate 3D Secure checks (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa) giving extra piece of mind!
  • Please note that the card elements that are verified depend on the settings in your payment gateway account and we, therefore, ask that you contact your payment gateway provider for clarification on this part.
  • Cards that do not pass the initial validation process will be rejected by Elina and may not be stored. This helps you to keep on top of and manage your un-confirmed bookings more effectively.
  • Invoices related to a validated card are automatically processed by Elina when they reach their due date, which saves you a lot of administrative work and helps with cash flow. If you wish to charge a card prior to the invoice due date you can do this easily by using the Auto Process option in Elina.
  • Invoices paid through the payment gateway appear as Processed Online.
  • Depending on the Elina payment gateway partner you have chosen the initial validation of the card may also be a pre-authorisation at the same time. Where this is the case, an amount on the card is held by the merchant bank and may be used up by Elina later when the first invoice is being processed for payment against the same card.
  • If unused, pre-authorisations usually automatically drop off the card after approximately 7 days (depending on the rules of the card holder's bank). Please see your payment gateway provider for more information on this subject.


  • elinaPAY powered by Cashflows
  • Stripe
  • Opayo (formerly known as Sagepay)
  • Barclaycard
  • Saferpay by Six Payments

Please note that the availability of any of the above solutions will depend on your geographical location and where your business is registered. The above integrations were operational at the time of publication of this article. 


  1. Contact the Elina Concierge
  2. Our team will then pass your contact information to our payment gateway partner or ask you to make contact with them directly (this process is partner dependant).
  3. Once you have signed up with your chosen provider we will require your login credentials in order to check that you have the right type of gateway account and that integration relevant settings have been activated correctly for you.
  4. We schedule your integration and give you a date for its go live.
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