Webinar - Improving guest experience and communication


January 2022: We organised a webinar on 'Improving guest experience and communication'.

In this webinar, we will cover how you can use our new email options and Online Check-in to improve your guest experience through good information about their stay and save time on communicating key information to your guests.  


0:16 - Purpose of today's webinar

2:16 - Tools in elina to help communicate to your guests

5:30 - Additional new email templates added in elina

11:53 - Online check-in as a tool to help communicate to your guests. For more details on this see here

16:06 - Chat boxes on the website

17:29 - Best practices and tips

22:50 - Importance of SPF record

24:30 - Tips on what to communicate to your guests

References made on the webinar