Why does elina say the email address I am trying to enter is already in use?

When Elina says that the email address that you are trying to add for a new profile is already in use then it is either used by an existing guest, owner, staff or company profile.

As Elina uses primary email addresses as usernames for web access to our guest, owner and company manager lounge these email addresses must be unique.

  • Search for the e-mail address under Marketing -> Profiles -> Guest/Owner/Company/Staff
  • Search for the e-mail address under Marketing -> Profiles -> Web Access -> Username

If you find the email address using any of the above methods then you have either created a duplicate profile (please merge the records) or the email address was used for someone else's profile as contact email and/or username. If the latter is the case you will need to first remove the email address from said record in order to use it once more for your newly created profile.