What is the difference between a full reservation and partial reservation change

A full reservation change happens when details on a reservation are changed that cause the invoices to be invalid, the system creates credit notes for the invoice amounts which is referred to as a booking/order adjustment and new invoices issued for the current reservation amount, however, if ONLY the departure date is changed then a partial reservation change occurs.

A partial reservation change happens ONLY when the departure date is changed which creates a differential credit note or extension invoice to cover the reservation difference depending on the reservation value, the initial charge or invoice will remain on the reservation instead of being credited.

  • If the price is increased then an additional charge is created for the additional days separate from the initial charge and/or invoice on the reservation. 
  • If the price decreases then a credit note will be created and remain on the reservation to be used for the charge and/or invoice attached to the reservation once the invoices are due. The credit note will only be used if the invoice can be paid in full.

NOTE: The charges will become invoices if the value is decreased to allow the system to lock in the correct amount, VAT amount or % etc

NOTE: Multiple payment methods can be used to cover the full amount of the invoice when making a payment eg. when a card is charged based on the invoice due date the credit note will be taken first and the balance taken from the card as the same transaction.