How do I map a manually entered reservation to its equivalent record in the channel manager?

Occasionally reservations fail to import into Elina from the channel manager and must, therefore, be created manually in the Elina back-office by a staff member.

Such reservations must be mapped to their OTA counterparts. Otherwise, any changes/ cancellations on the channel will not be recognised by Elina causing a duplicate reservation to be created, and for the imported version to be displaced in Elina.

Therefore, please always insert the import ref in the Elina booking that is created manually.

How can I find this reference?

The import reference is the channel manager's booking reference, which can be found on the email confirmation from the channel manager or by logging into the channel manager extranet.

How do I insert the import booking reference number into a manually entered Elina booking?

Edit the booking and paste the number into the Import Ref field (be careful not to paste any spaces) and save and keep existing rates.