Applies to version 5.0

Adding or moving areas, types and properties


Congratulations on increasing your property portfolio! To onboard a new area, property type or individual properties in elina please submit the below form. Moving a type or property? Kindly use the same form!

Requester Information

As soon as you receive our confirmation email letting you know that your set-up has been updated you can go ahead and complete the following tasks: 

New Area

 Enter the area description

 Enter the area description in other languages if applicable

 Upload area images  

New Property Type

 Check/update the marketing and short name if required

 Enter a property type description

 Enter a short description

 Enter a property type description in other languages if applicable

 Upload one property type image

 Upload property type images in the Booking Engine tab

New Property

 Check/update the property name/number if required

 Relate the property owner to their property set up management fees if applicable

 Update market status