New - Search for Units or Properties

January 2020

You can now use the search in elina (homepage or always in the navigation bar) to look for rooms or units, where you can get a quick summary and a link to manage.

Searching for a unit / property, so a unit / property within a type, will give this information:

  • Name/number
  • Housekeeping status
  • Market status
  • Current guest
  • Owner

We keep looking for ways to make the powerful search, which gives responsive results even more helpful. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions.

You can read more about Areas, Types and Units/Properties in elina. Some types, just have one unit for example a chalet, some will have many units, so for example a double room type where there are 20 double rooms. Always each unit (so property or room) has a unique name/number so is in the calendar and identifiable.