New - Payment Gateway - Barclaycard

January 2020

This integration is now rolled out!

What is the integration to Barclaycard?

This is a payment gateway integration, which includes the latest SCA regulations. elina now has an integration to Barclaycard payment solutions for online and ecommerce payments.

It includes authorisation, making payment, direct payment links and 3D secure, as well as the latest SCA regulation.

Why did we integrate to Barclaycard?

We got feedback from several customers that Barclaycard offers good rates, which mean lower operating costs. On the basis on this we went ahead with the integration to allow it as an option alongside our other payment gateway options.

Where to go next if I want to connect Barclaycard to elina?

If you want to change payment gateway provider to Barclaycard contacy our integrations team using this form. You can also read here on tips and info on payment gateway.

Helpful information from Barclaycard Business Solutions

If you have a Barclaycard account and you want to consider using this instead of another online payment gateway provider, this should be helpful and is from barclaycard.

"It is important to be aware that, in order to ultimately accept actual online transactions, you need a distance selling contract with an acquirer. An acquirer is a bank or a financial institution that enables you to accept online payments using a certain payment method. You will receive more information on this aspect while your test account is being configured. In view of the fact that this signing-up process can take some time, we recommend that you contact one of our acquiring partners as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about choosing your subscription, options and the acquiring process you can always contact our sales department:

Do you have any system-related questions? You can use the ‘support’ link in the top right-hand corner of your account at any time to access our system manuals and FAQs, or you can create a ticket using the ticket tool. In addition you can also contact them by phone (Tel. 0844 824 0230) or by e-mail ("