New - Displaced Bookings Communicate to Channels

January 2020

You can now factor displaced reservations into availability sent to channels!

When you have displaced bookings in the occupancy calendar, you can now choose to communicate this to the channels, like This means for that if you have a room type with 5 to book for a date and 4 are booked, but 1 is displaced, you can choose that the displaced booking (used availability) is also communicated to the channel. In which case you would no longer be showing as available to book. If you choose not to communicate displaced bookings, then the channel will still show as having 1 room to book using thi example.

As with consecutive availability, this feature, is giving you the choice between maximsing bookings and being careful, and more focused on guest experience. For example, some airlines choose to overbook, which is a bad guest experience, but ensures the highest occupancies.

In summary, now in elina from the occupancy calendar, you can choose whether to make available on channels exact inventory or not through both consecutive availability and factoring in displaced reservations.