New - Dashboard and Navigation

Release date: BETA version available now. Full release TBC.

What happens if I am not ready to switch?
A number of our early-adopting customers have been using the new UI since October allowing us to fix issues and to add more functionality. For now Elina4  will remain available to users until further notice. However, we do recommend switching as soon as possible so your users can start benefiting from these wonderful updates.

Once I have switched, can I switch back if I prefer to, and then wait a little longer?
Indeed, your super user(s) can do so here: Mission Control -> General -> Turn off Elina5 interface (if your super user(s) do not have access to this option please let us know so we can fix that). Alternatively, our concierge team is happy to assist you with switching back. 

Whats included - read below or watch the video:

- improved navigation including:


Coming soon...!

  • Mobile optimization
  • More cool features in the global search    
  • Elina Status page
  • Give feedback on suggestions and errors more easily
  • More access to settings and controls


New homepage / dashboard

Welcome to our new dashboard, designed to help you take action faster from data and information. With two key areas ‘today’ and ‘performance’ you will find it easier to see what’s important now and a wider view on where your attention should be. 


Global Search

The Elina global search uses your stored data and information to help you. Find a guest by name, number, email, then check their reservations, invoices, check them in, check when they are arriving. Use the search tool to find anything you are looking for in Elina quicker and then take an action.


Quick Create

Create a reservation, invoice, note, new profile by clicking the plus symbol in the top right. Right-click it and open in a new tab to keep your current window open! 


Navigation menu with create / view logic

We have organised Elina into key areas: reservations, tasks, revenue, marketing, finance and reports. Find the tools and options to run your business in each of these areas. 


Today's relevant information and important notifications

Panel displaying today's relevant information e.g. arrivals, departures, additional product and service deliveries, recently received reservations and more.  


Performance at a glance

See occupancy, RevPAR and ADR at a glance for the past, current and coming month.   


Mission control centre

This starts us off by handing you more control. Your business will have a settings manager or multiple settings managers. Each one can access this control centre and start to make more decisions and changes without contacting our support team.  


Completely new look

New colours, fonts and icons designed to make Elina easier to use daily.