Improvements - Occupancy Calendar Usability

March 2020

We have made a number of usability improvements in the elina occupancy calendar, based on customer and user feedback. These are all live now.

Easier & faster to book from the calendar

When clicking an available unit in the occupancy calendar the pop up has now been improved. You will see information to help you, including master rate for that day, min stay, max length of stay and the number of days the unit / room is free for until the next booking or period it s off the market.

The search for forward available nights defaults to 90 days, but can be changed to any length, so for example 30 days or 365 days. If you are making a booking for a future date that is not visible on the calendar, this then saves you having to scroll or check if the unit /room is available, as you will know just from clicking it how long it can be booked for.

You can also now book a unit from the calendar for any legnth by clicking the same day again. So if you select the 1 April, click create booking, then click the 1 April again, you will create the start of a reservation without an end date.

Then when booking a unit from occupancy calendar, it will select just that unit / type when going through the make the reservation, making it faster to process direct bookings from a phone call, email, or chat.

Hover over & Company name on reservation

The hover over in the calendar now shows more information, including: Number of persons, guest name, compay name, booking source, value and import reference number from the channel. All of this information shows when hovering over the booking, but only if it is known on the booking.

Company name now also shows on a reservation next to the guest name, which is helpful for important company / corporate bookings. If you also use the 'do not move' function on a reservation you can easily now see the importance of a guests reservation.

Faster page load (Lazy loading is smooth)

We introduced lazy loading in January 2020, which has now been smoothed out. It is automatically set to 10 lines to show initially on first load (paint), and this can be edited in the master admin settings. It can also be turned off. Lazy loading has made the occupancy calendar much faster to use.

Better Filter experience

We have made the filters easier to use by improving the layout and buttons and making the user choose a selection, which is remembered and can be changed at any time.

Owner filter

There is now an owner filter, so you can filter the calendar by owners, as well as area, or type.

Left to book

You can have left to book turned on (via master settings in admin) to show lef to book. Thi has improved, so the occupancy calendar on a type level, now shows how many you have left to book per day. This also now matches the rates calendar, to improve user experience and make it easier to decide on rate changes.

New calendar keys

A new keys section to explain what the different symbols and colours / patterns in the occupancy calendar means.