Improvement - Strategic Distribution - Stay Window

November 2019

Controlling 'stay windows' on OTAs got easier

We have improved the code in the distribution area of elina. When changing a 'stay window', deciding when availability should show on an OTA via the channel manager, elina will automatically send a message to close out all other days on the OTA via channel manager.

If for example you have 365 days available as your available window and introduce a 'stay window' of 90 days, the remaining 91 to 365 days will be automatically closed to arrival, meaning that they cannot be booked. This is controlling the forward availability on channels how you want to.

This means you can change your stay window, noted as a the number of forwarding days in the Distribution area of elina with confidence.


How does this help?

You can choose to limit the period when you can be booked, which stops OTA channels such as, taking bookings far in advance. This keeps open availability for direct bookings and other mid stay or longer stay bookings, or protects corporate availability for example.

How does it work?

Each day elina does a whole send or push of all rates and availability. If you have set this up per type or unit, it means that every day the stay window on the channels connected updates. Equally it does not affect your rates changes or restrictions managed in the rates calendar, or via dynamic rates. It just limits the stay window when these rates and availability can be booked.