Improvement - Occupancy Calendar Speed and Smoothness

January 2020

We have made a speed improvement to the occupancy calendar, which our testing has shown has reduced loading time by around 20%. This is already in action in 5.9 release, so already applied to your system We also, improved the drag, so the calendar is smoother to navigate and use on-screen now.

Something you may or may not know, the occupancy calendar always allocate the reservation into the least occupied room within a type automatically. This spreads bookings between units / rooms, which can be good for owners, or for wear and tear on accommodation. You can move bookings, or displace them into new units within the same or a different type whenever you want.

There are many variables that affect the speed or loading, such as: internet connection, number of units, number of reservations, browser. We recognise this and so have developed a lazy loading technology for customers with 100s of 1000s of units, or typically poor internet connections. The lazy loading feature comes out during February and we will publicise it here in explore latest updates.