Improvement - Booking Engine Speed & Languages

January 2020

Performance enhancement

During 2019 we made several improvements to the booking engine speed through code optimisation. We have released another performance upgrade in January 2020. By further reviewing, grouping and optimising the databases calls during the loading, the speed is now even quicker.

We have customers using different versions of the elina booking engine and in all types the improvement will be seen, as it has been made on a base code level.

This will:

  • Further increase your conversion rate
  • Improve your perceived website experience from guests
  • Make it easier and faster for your team to use your booking engine to check rates

Be sure to check your Google Analytics tracking is set up so you can monitor your ecommerce conversion from the Google Analytics App, plus check on what dates people are searching for.

Language options

There are 15 languages that can be available in your booking engine including Arabic, German, Russian and Spanish. We have just added Dutch and Simplified Chinese in BETA, which means we are still collecting feedback. See the full list here. These languages cover the guest, company and owner login as well.