elina V6.7 Release notes

December 2021

elina v6.7 Release notes

New features

elina now supports closed for departure and blocked for reservation

A Close to Departure is a restriction that is applied to a rate plan and limits the booking of departure on that date.  For events like Christmas, this feature helps properties that avoid checkouts on these days.
Blocked for Reservation is a restriction available to you to stop the sale to your channels or your own booking engine. You will be able to block bookings from being made for a set period of time.
  • Significant speed improvements on the occupancy calendar.
  • Response performance improved on the Occupancy and Availability report.
  • Added area, type, and property categorisation filters on the arrival list.
  • Added property categorisation filters on the Reservations Detail Report
  • New UI on the rates calendar showing min LOS, Max LOS, CTA, CTD & Blocked for reservations (BR).
  • CTA, (Closed for Arrival) CTD & BR now have dedicated buttons on the rates calendar & rates list.
  • New improved market status logs were introduced on a unit(s) level. 
  • The property management tool now shows properties with preload and virtual statuses.
  • The easier way to view areas & types on the Property management tool.
  • ID submission, ID photo, facial photo submission & disclaimer (signature collection) are now optional for guests on the online check-In setup.
  • Website customers & Umbraco users: elina-Umbraco import tool now supports geolocation data (including city, address, etc), includes properties (PG and units) custom fields such as room size and includes Property categorization.
  • Improved performance on our Finance API & new response column added
  • Improvements to automated emails to reservations
  • Special characters search improved enabled on global search & property management tool. 
  • Full booking engine review, performance enhancement, process updates & flow improvements. 
  • Company managers can log in to the booking engine without difficulty. 
  • Property areas and types in dropdowns in alphabetical order are added for some reports (Current Guest List, Occupied Accommodation list, Vacant Accommodation list.)