Update - Children Now Considered Adults

March 2020. made a major update recently and we are still seeing customers adjusting to this, so we realised we also need to help customers understand this.

What changed? now sends children as adults in part of an XML feed. This include children (even if extra charge for) in the total room count of persons.

What does this mean?

Whatever the total number of persons are for a room type on, when being booked by adults and children, they all count as a person towards the total guest count. Before children would come through as a note on a booking. Now, they must be included in the party and any extra person charges communicated and charged on

Why did make this change? makes change in line with new European Consumer law. says "For properties this change is providing more flexibility in configuring inventory & rates for families, resulting in more competitive rates."

How does it affect elina?

If you have a room or apartment on that sleeps 2, previously if you said you could accet 2 adults and 1 child on an extra bed, the booking would come through as 2 persons + a note for a child, then you would deal with the guest on it. Now, the booking would come across as 3 persons, and if in elina your room or apartment accepts only 2 persons, then the booking would fail to import?

Important: Now we will not displace a booking but it will fail to get imported.

What should you do?

Check your Room set up on to see if the max number it sleeps matches on and elina including children. So if a room sleeps 2 adults and 1 child, then in order to accept this booking, your room or apartment should be max capacity 3 on both. Equally if it does not accept children as an extra, then it should be 2 persons on both.

Go to Property in extranet and select Property Layout

Edit your child policy in Go TO Property tab >> Policies

Edit your maximum capacity on elina on a type level to match (and other channels)

update the Max Capacity